Our Fans

Our Fans

The most rewarding part of our business is having the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people who we are blessed to call our clients.

Here’s what they have to say about us:


Adam and Megan took the building process to another level.

– The Kims


The process has been completely easy, stress free, even enjoyable.

– The Vanderpools


Covenant Building & Design is who you would want to build with.

– The Perrys


When we go away, we’re glad to come home.

– The Rowseys


Words can’t describe how pleased we were with our Covenant Building experience.

Adam and Megan were professional and proactive throughout the process. The building of our home stayed on schedule and the product is simply beautiful. We actually can’t believe we get to live in this house! Adam’s expertise in lot choice and construction options was unmatched. Megan is an incredibly talented designer, which was a plus I didn’t expect from a builder. She helped us so much with our design choices, which otherwise would have seemed a monumental task. We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to build a house with Covenant Building and Design.

– Jan & Dean Collins


Covenant Building and Design goes above and beyond in their quality and customer service.

They communicate with the customer and make them feel like your house is the only house they’re building. We have enjoyed our experience with them so much and can’t say enough about them. Adam and Megan are the quintessential masters in dealing with their customers and their contractors are held to the same high standard. Anyone would be lucky to have them build a home for them.

– Patricia & Shawn Godfrey


We ended up with a beautiful custom home and a new friendship!

Adam Gregoire and his team are extremely professional yet extremely personal. The quality of work was also exceptional. Megan and her interior design experience was a huge added bonus! Adam had a vested interest not only to build a home that met the specs and requirements of his client but his ultimate goal was to ensure we were happy with the end product and extremely happy to call this our home! Mission accomplished! Adam operated in full integrity and transparency from beginning to end! If we had to start all over today building a custom home we would not want to build with any other builder! In the end we ended up with a beautiful custom home and new friendship! If you are considering building a custom home we would highly recommend Covenant Building & Design especially if you are looking for a personal touch!

– Anthony & Shelly Dagner


The entire Covenant Building and Design team was wonderful to work with.

We have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Adam Gregoire for the better part of a year. He was completely supportive and enthusiastic in meeting all of our expectations during every phase of the building process. He along with his wife, Megan, and the entire Covenant Building and Design team were wonderful to work with. Their advice during the planning, initial ground breaking, building and finishing phases were instrumental in delivering the home we envisioned from the start. The quality of their work is second to none. In addition, when challenges presented themselves, as expected in any sizeable project, he along with his team provided sound options that made the final decisions easy to make and grasp. Never once did we sense any push-back from Adam in meeting our desires or changes encountered along the way. He and his team accommodated those changes with professionalism and a most supportive approach. At the same time, they did make suggestions that essentially protected us from potentially poor decisions, however, when doing so they did it in a most agreeable manner with respect applied. Bottom line, we most highly recommend Adam and Covenant Building and Design for any project. We would not hesitate turning to Adam and Covenant Building and Design again for any project regardless of its size. You will not be disappointed! Thanks to Adam and his team of professionals we are now the proud owners of a superb home!  Thank you!

– Ted & Cathy Fessell


You couldn’t ask for a better team to work with on such an important life decision.

Ok, where do I start? Adam and Megan build an amazing home. The style, the personal touch, the no-pressure approach, top to bottom, you couldn’t ask for a better team to work with on such an important life decision. At no point in the process did I feel like I wasn’t getting exactly what we agreed upon. In fact, there were instances where something wasn’t quite “enough” from a design stand point and CBD rose to the occasion to make our home complete in every way. No corners were cut, no design element left out. The organization, the way they leverage technology and the transparency of the process was impressive and I think it ultimately helped us get into our home on schedule. Above all, Adam, Megan and the rest of the CBD team are ethical and principled people who exhibit unmatched honesty, integrity and professionalism. You can tell Adam and Megan were raised right. 🙂 This home is us, without question. The relationship we’ve built with CBD will last as long as this home, FOREVER! Extremely lucky and thankful CBD homeowners, Ben, Shanda, Hailey and Hagen Humphrey

– Ben & Shanda Humphrey


My experience with Covenant Building & Design was extremely positive.

Megan was super helpful with the design elements and it all came together nicely. Adam took a design of a similar style floor plan, adapted it for my needs and built an amazing house that is functional, well-built, stylish and feels like home. There was regular, almost daily communication between the Covenant folks and myself which was greatly appreciated. It took only four months to build but there were no short-cuts taken, either in material or workmanship.

– David Hayeslette