Ask Us (FAQ)

Ask Us (FAQ)

Each home has individual costs applied so that you have an accurate idea of a price once a plan is chosen. If you don’t have a plan in mind at the start of the process, don’t worry! We are happy to have a consultation with you to discuss general pricing options before you begin the design process. You can read more about the design process under the next FAQ!

We specialize in custom home building, so we encourage our clients to be involved in the design of their new home. We are able to set you up with an initial meeting to establish your requirements and to see if you would like to proceed with your very own custom home design for us to provide an estimate on.

This will depend on what stage you are in with your drawings and design. If you don’t have any drawings upfront, we have options available to get from the concept design phase all the way to a buildable set of drawings. The cost would be dependent upon on the size and scope of the project, which we will review with you prior to your designs and will be outlined in your Preliminary Building Agreement. These are all costs that would have been incurred regardless and therefore included in the contract price. Instead, you are paying these costs along the way, getting something back in return and not paying for it again at contract stage.

We use preliminary building agreements in order to formulate conceptual designs and budgets to determine if your project is within the range that you’re looking for instead of signing a contract for a home that would cost more than you had expected. This is not a contract to build, but an opportunity for us to give you an educated budget so you can decide if you’d like to move forward with the This alleviates having a full set of drawings done before knowing what cost you’re looking at.

Throughout the selections process, you will work with our selections coordinator who will facilitate meetings and communication with our vendors.

We use fixed-price contracts, which ensure that pricing will only change should you select an item that goes over the initial allowance allotted in the contract. You will always be notified of a price increase, and we will never proceed with any changes without your electronic approval via our online project management portal.

There’s truly no cut and dry answer to this question because each home is unique, which means the construction of each home is unique. If you choose from one of our Signature Plans, completion time is typically around 6 months from when we break ground. Custom Plans may take longer depending on the scope of work. The anticipated closing date is something we always define in our contract so you will know what the completion timeline looks like for your home.

We have built strong relationships with our partners because they provide such high quality products and service to our clients that we know we can count on (not to mention our rates are pre-negotiated with these vendors to provide you with the most cost-effective options available). So while we do encourage our clients to work with our vendors, we are certainly open to discussing this on a limited case-by-case basis!

You will communicate directly with your project manager for all on-site construction requirements. Throughout the selections process, you will work with our selections coordinator who will facilitate communications with our vendors. During this stage, you will have access to your online portal to review and approve all selections and any upgrade costs.

We have regular communication to ensure that your home is being built according to your plans and specifications. At any stage, you are welcome to make changes, although keep in mind that the budget and schedule may be affected, which will be communicated to you prior to work being done.

Of course! We know you’ll be excited about the construction of your home and we encourage you to make visits throughout the process. We do require that you are accompanied by a representative from Covenant Building & Design, and let us know ahead of time that you plan to visit so we can schedule accordingly. We adhere to a strict safety policy with all of our tradespeople, suppliers and visitors to each site, and it’s imperative to maintain this policy throughout the course of construction.

We are mindful of how many projects we undertake at any certain time to ensure we can provide our clients with the exceptional customer service they deserve.

We have routine quality inspections throughout the building process. We also have a 300 point checklist that we go through before we turn your home over to you to ensure the quality meets our high standards. Once your home is turned over, we provide a 2-10 home warranty through a third party warranty company which includes a 30 day and 11 month warranty service that will be managed by this third party company to ensure that all warrantable items are sufficiently taken care of. This also includes a 2 year systems warranty and a 10 year structural warranty.

We chose the name “Covenant” because of our Christian faith. By definition, a covenant is a promise. Just as God made a covenant with his people, we make a covenant with every one of our clients to build and deliver their home just as we promised.